TV: Flin & Flo

Sound design and mix

TV: Ghostrockers

Dialogue editing / Sound design / Music selection / Mix

TV: Fanatico


TV: The Voice Belgique

Voice Over recording / Dialogue Edit / Sound Design / Mix

PUB: What's This

WINNER OF A SILVER PROMAXBDA EUROPE AWARD in the category "use of an original music composition"

PUB: Experiment Longboards

Sound Design / Mix

PUB: The Hunter's Instinct

Voice Over Recording / Sound Design / Mix

DOCU: Nele Needs A Holiday

Dialogue edit / Mix

TV: Rode Helden

Dialogue Edit / Mix

DVD: Els De Schepper

Music Mix / Final Mix

TV: Flin & FloTV: GhostrockersTV: FanaticoTV: The Voice BelgiquePUB: What's ThisPUB: Experiment LongboardsPUB: The Hunter's InstinctDOCU: Nele Needs A HolidayTV: Rode HeldenDVD: Els De Schepper